Diagnostic Equipment

All motor vehicles require Auto Electrical repairs at some stage in their life

Stafford Auto Air Conditioning and Auto Electrical are capable of carrying out all of those repairs. Whether you have the absolute latest model of Mercedes Benz or a 1920’s Vintage car. Stafford Auto can keep you on the road.

Today it requires an expert with approved knowledge and skills to service the level of sophisticated automotive technology. With not only these skills but also with confidence Stafford Auto Air & Electrics can carry out any diagnostics, service and repairs to all things auto electrical, auto electronics including ABS, SRS and all other body electrics.

With over 45 years of experience and the help of the newest tools, machines and also computer available to the automotive world we are in the right position to help you and your vehicle with all of your automotive needs.

We use the world’s best products and carrying out all repairs and workmanship with safety and reliability in mind.

Auto Electrics Specialist Service

  • Auto electrical diagnostics and repairs
  • Batteries for every application, car, 4WD, commercial, transport, caravans & RVs
  • Wiring repairs and rewiring of all vehicles, cars, commercial or industrial
  • Quality automotive, marine and industrial batteries
  • New and rebuilt Alternators and Starters (starter motors)
  • 4wd accessories and fitment
  • Reversing cameras and sensors, cruise controls
  • car audio & sound system installations
  • CB & UHF mobile radio installation & aerial tuning
  • Aux battery system for all vehicles
  • EFI Electronic Fuel Injection
  • ABS Anti Skid Braking Systems
EFI testing
Batteries Supercharge

recycling loop

Stafford Auto Air & Electrics are your  green service centre.

For the sake of our environment, please dispose of old car, 4wd, marine and truck batteries correctly.

As a free service you can drop your old automotive batteries to our workshop and we will send them to be recycled rather than end up as landfill.

If it is after hours just leave them near the front door.